RDP Newsletter – February 2021


February 2021
Digital Newsletter

New Year! New Agreements!

Thank you for your continuing support and user of RDP.

Let’s make this year even better by updating our customer agreements with you.

You can find these at https://fvrhub.org/rdp-agreements/ and instantly receive a copy of the End User License Agreement via email.

Thanks for all you do and we appreciate your assistance with this!

RDP 2020 Report

For three years, Recovery Data Platform has proven itself as a critical tool for measuring the pace and performance in the recovery process.

For three years, we have been counting, measuring, scaling, and analyzing data and we have come to a conclusion.

Peer Recovery Support works.

Read Report Here

Is your Organization
Emergency Prepared?

From Communications to Technology to Best Practices. We got it all!
The RCO Emergency Preparedness Toolkit handouts are a collection of materials that have been provided by multiple resources and compiled in order to be easily accessible for the public needs. Faces & Voices has collated these resources to guide RCOs and other agencies in their Emergency Preparedness planning.
Check it out here!