Restoring Lives, Restoring Hope

In a world where hope can feel hard to come by, and the road to recovery often seems winding and uncertain, there are organizations that stand out as guideposts offering a shining beacon of hope. For over 20 years, Faces & Voices of Recovery has embodied the spirit of compassion, resilience, and unwavering support for individuals seeking to reclaim their lives from the clutches of addiction.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, a day that celebrates the power of generosity and collective goodwill, we encourage you to donate to Faces & Voices of Recovery, an organization providing a lifeline to a network of individuals committed to championing the cause of recovery and breaking the stigma surrounding substance use disorder. By providing opportunities for individuals to share their stories, Faces & Voices of Recovery showcases the power of resilience, courage, and the journey toward health and wellness. These stories, often filled with challenges and triumphs, serve as a testament to the strength and determination that lie within every individual on the path to recovery.

When you support Faces & Voices of Recovery, you’re not just donating money; you’re contributing to a ripple effect of change. Your donation becomes a catalyst for providing resources and advocacy initiatives that are vital in supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. Every dollar donated serves as a steppingstone towards creating a stronger recovery community that uplifts and empowers individuals, families, and communities.

Creating a brighter tomorrow.

Faces & Voices of Recovery doesn’t just talk about change; we embody it. Since 2001 we have worked as recovery activists effecting change and making a difference. Through our tireless efforts in advocating for policies that support recovery and by providing resources for peer support services and community engagement, we actively work to create a world where individuals in recovery are embraced with compassion and understanding. Only together can we create positive change.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday can make a significant difference. By contributing, you’re offering someone a chance to rebuild their life, to rediscover their purpose, and to walk a path of recovery with support and guidance.

Advocacy saves lives.

At Faces & Voices, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring communities are better prepared to meet the complex challenges of substance use disorder and celebrate the incredible benefits of recovery. Our efforts in federal policies for recovery are centered around creating a world that warmly embraces and supports individuals and families affected by addiction.

We hold a vision of expanded access to diverse community-based support services, championing harm reduction practices, and ensuring evidence-based treatments. These efforts are aimed at not only assisting individuals in their recovery journey but also in keeping them safe along the way. In parallel, we dedicate ourselves to preventive measures and work together with communities to create solutions that cater to everyone’s distinct needs. By placing recovery at the heart of families, workplaces, and communities, we set the stage for a society that’s stronger, more resilient, and more focused on wellness.

Support the journey of recovery.

Your donation, no matter the size, is a vote of confidence in the transformative power of recovery. It’s a declaration that everyone deserves a chance at a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Recovery is possible.

This Giving Tuesday, consider joining the movement of change, hope, and restoration by supporting Faces & Voices of Recovery. Your contribution is a gift of hope, healing, and a testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit. Together, let’s make a difference and help restore lives and hope for a better tomorrow.

Elizabeth Edwards

Singer, Songwriter

Elizabeth Edwards is known for her graceful style and her rich vocals, but it is her songwriting that has garnered her a loyal fan base. Her music is especially appreciated by those in recovery from substance use disorders because of her powerful recovery message in songs like “Power to Change,” “Where Did Beautiful Go,” “Surrender to Win,” and “Clean.” She, along with her co-writer and record producer Rick Barretta wrote a song for the cause titled “You’ll Always be my Hero.”

Edwards writes, “As a person in long term recovery from addiction, I am interested in support, solutions, treatment and education on this and related topics. My support of treatment and education initiatives should not be misinterpreted as being ‘against’ any one group or industry. Instead, it should be known that I am ‘Pro Solution’ for those who need and want help with addiction problems. I support health and education regarding these issues.” Throughout her career, Edwards has remained a passionate advocate for recovery, using music to spread the recovery message and provide hope for those in long term recovery from substance use disorders and those seeking to be. Elizabeth Edwards has recently joined Faces & Voices of Recovery as a valued member of our National Advisory Council.

Visit the Power 2 Change website to learn more about Elizabeth Edwards.