Dr. Amanda Fallin-Bennett

Past Awardees

2019 // Dr. Amanda Fallin-Bennett, Program Director & Co-Founder of Voices of Hope Lexington

2019 // William Stauffer, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Recovery Community - Alliance (PRO-A)

2019 // Mariel S. Hufnagel, Executive Director, The Ammon Foundation

2018 // Tonya Wheeler, PA State Representative Gene DiGirolamo, Sierra Castedo-Rodgers

2017 // Michael Askew, Susan Barge, Tim Rabolt

2016 // Laura Elliot-Engel, Tiffany Hunsley, Sarah Nerad, Steven G. Polin

2015 // Melissa Killeen, Honesty Liller, Molly O'Neil

2014 // Kathleen Gibson, Denise Holden, Allen McQuarrie

2013 // Tom Coderre, Andre Johnson, Scott Strode

2012 // Rev. Dr. Robert Gilmore, Sr., Walter Ginter, Rosemary Tisch

2011 // Mike Barry, Jim Gillen, Roland Lamb

2010 // Early Hightower, Joe Powell, Art Zwerling

2008 // Steve Brugge, Robert Carter, Carol Colleran West, Elizabeth Currier, C. West Huddleston, Merlyn Karst

2007 // Karen Casey-Elliot, Kitty S. Harris, Benneth Lee, Domingo Rodriguez, Donald Kurth, Carol McDaid

2006 // Peter Hayden, Mary Jane Hanley, Lisa Mojer-Torres, Tom Hill, Rev. Dr. Lottie Jones, Phillip Valentine

2005 // Elizabeth Scott, Stacia Murphy, Pat Snyder, Tom McHale, Jerry Moe, James McClain, Mark Helijas, Jay Davidson

2004 // Henry Lozano, David Whiters, Susan Blacksher, Jim Devine, Nancy Whittier Dudley, John Shinholser, Don Coyhis, Mel Schulstad

Dr. Amanda Fallin-Bennett

2019 Vernon Johnson Award

Dr. Amanda Fallin-Bennett, Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, has successfully competed for National Institute for Health funding as well as a variety of state and foundation grants.  She is a co-investigator on the University of Kentucky’s HEAL grant, which is the single largest grant the university has ever received. This grant has the ambitious goal of reducing overdose deaths by 40%, in part through recovery support services.  As Co-founder and Program Director of Voices of Hope, Dr. Fallin-Bennett was instrumental in the creation of our recovery community center as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of our recovery support services. Under her leadership, Voices of Hope launched a variety of programs, including Telephone Recovery Support, Recovery Coaching, Overdose Response Training, an employment readiness internship, a scholarship for a student in recovery attending college or trade/vocational school, All Recovery Meetings, and SMART Friends and Family meetings. Through these programs, Dr. Fallin-Bennett has helped Voices of Hope fulfill our mission of helping people in recovery and their families stay in recovery.