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Tree of Hope Association

3570 Olney Laytonsville Road, Suite 654
Olney, Maryland 2083
(240) 309-6405

RCO Mission Statement

The mission of the Tree of Hope Association is to educate and advocate to individuals in the recovery community and bridge the connection to the community resources so they may experience a more holistic continuum of care. Our vision is to provide the life skills to all persons in recovery, that they may lead successful lives in society while making these skills transferable to others through peer-to-peer interaction.

Services Offered

Peer Recovery Training and Supervision
One on One Peer Mentorship
Referral to Community Resources
Recovery Socialization and Educational Events

Proudest Accomplishment

We have trained over 300 Recovery Coaches in various coursework in the 18 months.

Participant or Stakeholder Testimonial/Quote

High quality introduction to the Recovery Coach field. Experienced, empathetic trainers. Breakout sessions allow for application and practice of Motivational Interviews. The Recovery Coach Academy textbook presents topics that are interesting and needed plus an outstanding bibliography for further reading. You will rely on this initial training with great confidence.
Jan Hochman