Our Staff

Agnieszka Rosner


Agnieszka Rosner spent the first few years of her life in Poland, but considers New England her permanent home. A dedicated advocate and member of the recovery community, she believes in the power of healing by sharing with others and knows the positive impact of good fellowship. With over 20 years of administrative experience, Agnieszka has worked in all facets of nonprofits including human resources, fundraising & development and operations. For the last 6 years, she has been managing day-to-day logistics for a community land trust with over 60 properties. Prior to that, she has worked at an accounting firm, a university as a communications instructor and a food pantry through the AmeriCorps program. A true extrovert, Agnieszka earned a bachelor’s in Public Relations and a master’s degree in Communication. She believes laughter is truly the best medicine and enjoys using her skills as an amateur stand-up comedian to break all types of barriers and stigmas.