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Amanda Cassidy-Trejo

WPD04163 Amanda Cassidy-Trejo

Amanda began working with Faces & Voices in March of 2023 as the Advocacy & Outreach Program Assistant in the Public Affairs Department. She provides support for the policy priorities, outreach initiatives and advocacy efforts of the organization.

Amanda has been a woman in long term recovery from substance use disorder since October 15, 2018. She is also in recovery from a traumatic relationship with the criminal legal system and has been handcuff free since July 23, 2019. Amanda has used her lived experience to support the recovery and reentry communities and provide guidance to organizations so that the voice of these communities is centered in every conversation about them. She aspires to use her lived experience to help shape public policy to be more inclusive of support services serving the intersection of criminal justice and substance use disorder.

Amanda is an avid reader of fiction genres such as suspense and thrillers. She credits music as being a staple in her recovery. She is a wife, a mom to 5 children, a granny to one granddaughter and a dog mom. Amanda is also a lifelong learner and continually seeking opportunities to gain new understandings and opportunities for personal growth.