Beth Terrence


Beth Terrence is on a mission — to engage individuals, families, communities and organizations in discovering and enhancing the experience of recovery and wellness through the exploration of holistic and multiple pathways of recovery.  She believes that “recovery is possible for everyone” and wishes to be a catalyst for change in the lives of those she touches.  A highly passionate speaker, facilitator and trainer, Beth weaves together over 23 years of experience as a holistic health & wellness professional with her own lived experience of recovery.

As a child who grew up in a family with mental illness and addiction, Beth turned to substances and other addictions at an early age. She also struggled with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts for many years. Her own recovery came slowly and naturally through a combination of holistic recovery pathways, trauma healing and spirituality.  After many years of recurrence, she was introduced to Shamanism, an ancient form of spiritual healing; it was through this pathway along with other holistic approaches that she moved out of active addition and pain into an experience of wholeness she never imagined was possible!

Having found her own recovery through non-traditional pathways, Beth is extremely committed to raising awareness about holistic and multiple pathways of recovery.  For many years, she has supported individuals, families and communities in exploring holistic health & wellness pathways through private practice, workshops and classes, retreats and organizational programming.  Today, she offers programs and trainings to support addiction, mental health and trauma recovery through Holistic Recovery Pathways, LLC.

Beth has a wide array of experience  – from working in Operations Management at a medical clinic for homeless children and families in New York City early in her career to serving as a Shamanic and Holistic Practitioner & Group Facilitator at a private addiction treatment program in Virginia.  She has partnered with over 30 non-profit organizations over her career in a variety of capacities.  Some of the areas she has worked on include project management, program development, strategic planning, facilitation and training, outreach and education, organizational wellness and communications.

In recent years, Beth has become passionate about supporting the development and training of recovery coaches and peer support specialists locally and nationally.  She began her own recovery coach training in 2014 becoming one of the early Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) in Maryland.   She has emerged as a trainer and facilitator for peer recovery workforce development partnering with a number of organizations including the University of Maryland Training Center, Behavioral Health Administration of Maryland, and Peer2Peer Recovery Services, Inc.

Beth lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her loving partner, Mario and their two cats, Paolo and Clover.  She loves to spend her free time writing, hiking, doing yoga and laying on her hammock looking at the sky!