Dona Dmitrovic


Dona Dmitrovic is the Executive Director of Foundation for Recovery, a Recovery Community Organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dona is the former National Director of Consumer Affairs for Substance Use Disorders within the Product Innovation team at Optum, United Health Group. Her current role combines leading Foundation for Recovery to the next phase in organizational development while implementing additional recovery support services to ensure individuals in Las Vegas and surrounding areas achieve and sustain long term recovery. Dona is in long-term recovery and a family member supporting addiction recovery. Her prior experience includes Chief Operating Officer of the RASE Project in Harrisburg, PA leading the nationally recognized, Buprenorphine Coordinator Program, supporting persons with opioid dependence in medication assisted recovery. She served as the Director of Education and Advocacy at the Johnson Institute in Washington, D.C. facilitating national education programs and events to promote the power of recovery. Dona holds a Master of Human Services from Lincoln University and is the former Chair of the Board of Faces & Voices of Recovery and Young People in Recovery. Dona also served as a mentor for the Developing Leadership in Substance Abuse Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.