Dorothy West

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Dorothy West is a person in long term recovery with over 17 years of continuous sobriety. She is the Executive Director for the Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources (CRWR); a CAPRSS accredited RCO in Houston Texas. She has been employed as a Program Director and Recovery Coach Trainer with CRWR for 10 years.  

Her career in behavior health began as a technician as she pursued her education.  Upon receiving her license as Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in 2009, Dorothy worked at a residential treatment center for adolescents as a COPSD clinician. She became a Recovery Coach in 2010 and a Recovery Coach Supervisor/Trainer in 2011.  

As a recovery professional, she helped establish Recovery Support Services (RSS) in treatment programs, sobering centers, and recovery housing. She helped open CRWR’s two outreach locations offering recovery support services in the City of Houston’s multi-service centers. She has been involved with the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Initiative since 2011 and Co Chairs for the Houston Recovery Initiative Peer Support and Recovery Communities work group.  

Not only is she a servant leader, but she is also an educator. Dorothy presently is a Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS), Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) and a Peer Recovery Supervisor (PRS) Trainer.  She is an instructor for the Crisis Prevention Institute and a Trauma Informed Care Instructor. For the State of Texas she provides DWI education and Texas Drug Offender Education classes.  As a Recovery Coach Supervisor, she supervises recovery coaches at numerous organizations throughout the Houston area and assists them in refining their skills once they have completed Recovery Coach training.  

One of her accomplishments has been the work she did in helping establish the Houston Recovery Center (Sobering Center) from 2012-2015.  She served as the RSS Manager and was responsible for training staff, developing the recovery support services program and its operating standards.  

Dorothy tirelessly works to give back to the community by working with the homeless population, helping citizens returning from incarceration to re-integrate into society, and helping find resources for adults affected by mental health issues. This passion to serve the community has led her to establishing two recovery homes for women and two for men in Houston, Texas.