Dr. April Stallworth


Dr. Stallworth has spent her 20-year career as a clinician and educator, collecting a broad range of expertise in trauma, clinical education, leadership, direct support education & clinical development and private practice. She is formerly the Director of Learning Programs for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, where she led & supported the development of numerous learning programs and conferences around the state of GA. She has held numerous leadership positions, that include Program Manager of Southside Medical Center’s Adult Mental Health Program, Adjunct Professor at Columbus State University, board member of Faith in the Family Institute in Maryland, Co-Chair of the Emory Autism Services Advisory Committee in Atlanta & Co-Chair of the Competency Based Training Committee for I/DD Re-Engineering Initiative also in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Stallworth is also a committee member and speaker with Silence the Shame, which is a global, non-profit organization fighting stigma, associated with Behavioral Health. She has developed curriculum, participates in panels across the country and enjoys highlighting the work and strengths of those who dedicate their skills & passions to the field of Health & Human Services. Dr. Stallworth now leads her own company, Applied Learning Solutions Group, as CEO, where consultants can work with others to combine and deliver a multitude of services using a multi-disciplinary and cross corporate approach.