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Elizabeth Edwards


Elizabeth Edwards is known for her graceful style and her rich vocals, but it is her songwriting that has garnered her a loyal fan base. Her music is especially appreciated by those in recovery from substance use disorders because of her powerful recovery message in songs like “Power to Change,” “Where Did Beautiful Go,” “Surrender to Win,” and “Clean.” She, along with her co-writer and record producer Rick Barretta wrote a song for the cause titled “You’ll Always be my Hero.”

Edwards writes, “As a person in long term recovery from addiction, I am interested in support, solutions, treatment and education on this and related topics. My support of treatment and education initiatives should not be misinterpreted as being ‘against’ any one group or industry. Instead, it should be known that I am ‘Pro Solution’ for those who need and want help with addiction problems. I support health and education regarding these issues.” Throughout her career, Edwards has remained a passionate advocate for recovery, using music to spread the recovery message and provide hope for those in long term recovery from substance use disorders and those seeking to be. Elizabeth Edwards has recently joined Faces & Voices of Recovery as a valued member of our National Advisory Council.

Visit the Power 2 Change website to learn more about Elizabeth Edwards.