Laurie Johnson-Wade

WPD04286 Laurie Johnson-Wade

Laurie Johnson-Wade, CRS, CFRS, RSS, CBC, CRC, FPS, RSS
Laurie, along with her husband, Dr. VonZell Wade, Co-Founded the Lost Dreams Awakening Recovery Community Organization (RCO), and the LDA Recovery Community Center – a proud member of ARCO.
Laurie is a 1993 graduate of Newport Business Institute with a degree in Health Administration. Laurie has a strength and passion for learning, as such, she has become trained as a National Certified Behavioral Specialist, a Pennsylvania Certified Board (PCB) Recovery Specialist (CRS), a PCB Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) , a Recovery Support Supervisor (RSS); a trainer of the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy & Ethics for Peer Providers; a Certified NAADAC Recovery Coach; a trained Forensic Peer Specialist; a trained facilitator of the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) Recovering Families Program; a trainer of PRO-ACTS Family Education Series, a Naloxone Trainer for Westmoreland County Drug & Alcohol Commission; a trainer of the Addiction Policy Forum’s “What is Addiction” Community Education Project; an intern for Arise™ Invitational Interventions & Continuing Care for Families; and the Founder & President of Western PA GAP (Grandparent’s As Parents).

Laurie’s passion is Advocacy and she is a staunch representative of the Recovery Community locally, statewide, and nationally. Laurie has been featured on television, news media, magazines, and mentors’ communities in establishing their own Recovery Community Organizations. Laurie serves on the ARCO Membership Committee and brings over 28 years of lived recovery, Established May 30, 1991, to the rewarding and revolutionary work of Recovery Support Services (RSS) and Recovery Coaching.

Laurie is a Mentor with the Florida Recovery Project