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Marianna Reid

WP108535 Marianna Reid

Marianna Reid, the Director of Programs with Faces & Voices of Recovery, has been a leader in the recovery field since 2014. Prior to becoming the Director of Programs for Faces & Voices of Recovery, she was a Senior Project Coordinator and Program Manager for ARCO with Faces & Voices of Recovery. Ms. Reid brings extensive experience in fostering relationships with membership organizations and in managing programs. Her experience includes curriculum development, training facilitation, and she formerly led a statewide training program to provide state-approved curriculum for Pennsylvania’s Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) peer support credential for the Pennsylvania Statewide RCO, Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance (PRO-A).

Marianna is also an ally for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to create more inclusive recovery and wellness spaces. In 2019, she created a social media campaign to promote the inclusivity and authenticity of all recovery. In October of 2022, she received the DEI Champion Award from CCAPP. She is a skilled training facilitator, an energetic public speaker, and an agent of social change for dismantling disparate recovery systems to transform public views and systemic practices to encourage and elevate recovery for more people and for more experiences.

Ms. Reid is a person in long-term recovery who is passionate about expanding how substance use disorders are defined and supported through changing the recovery narrative to make recovery spaces more inclusive, reflective, and celebratory of diverse experiences, and to see this narrative drive more research, support, funding, and sustainability for recovery and wellness supportive resources for faith-based, family-led, harm reduction, and alternative recovery experiences.

“The easiest thing I can do to advocate for my recovery is to speak about my recovery. The easiest thing I can do to advocate for your recovery is to make space, hold space, and give that space to you to speak about your recovery.” – Marianna Reid