Meghan Hetfield

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Meghan Hetfield is a Peer Support Specialist, Peer Advocate and Harm Reductionist committed to changing the narratives of addiction, recovery, substance use and mental health. From Hospitals, Jails, Communities, Schools, Medical Clinics and Virtually, Meghan has supported folks through their wellness journey in many diverse settings. She believes that radical compassion and support without shame or punishment are foundational for healing individuals and communities impacted by the drug poisoning crisis.

As an organizer for Harm Reduction Works-HRW and someone with lived experience navigating her own chaotic substance use, Meghan hosts and develops mutual aid support groups for folks interested in Harm Reduction for any reason, including family and loved ones of PWUD.

The War on Drugs has failed, Meghan believes we can build a world where people aren’t criminalized for having a mental health issue and/or wanting to experience joy, euphoria or pain relief.

When she’s not talking about Harm Reduction, Drug Policy reform and “meeting people where they’re at”, Meghan enjoys leading folks through the woods as a Certified Wild Edible & Medicinal Mushroom Foraging guide in hopes to share the healing that can be found in nature.