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Nick DeMott

WPD03584 Nick Demott

Nick DeMott joined Faces & Voices of Recovery as an IT Specialist in June 2022. Prior to joining the team, Nick gained invaluable experience in the recovery field as program coordinator at a local RCO, where he also acted as a peer recovery coach. Nick is a person in long-term recovery who is active in both the SMART and Refuge Recovery programs and an advocate for the importance of multiple pathways.

Obtaining his bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology with a minor in sociology from Western Michigan University in 2014, Nick has a longstanding passion for social justice. He hopes to one day study the intersection of individual psychology, social institutions, and culture, and how these connections manifest in behavioral and mental health, including substance use disorder.

In his free time, Nick enjoys playing guitar and banjo, building (and enjoying!) his vinyl record collection, and outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and foraging.