Nyla Christian


Nyla Christian is a Professional Interventionist & Recovery Development Consultant working to provide a community voice on diversity, equity and inclusion in women’s empowerment issues related to prevention, treatment, and recovery in the wellbeing, substance misuse, and behavioral health space.

Nyla is a Nationally Certified Life Recovery Coach and the Founder of LivingWell Project Recovery Community Organization focused on providing social advocacy, peer leadership and mentorship-life building support for Black women and others in underserved communities;

Certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist & Advocate, Nyla is the Founder and CEO of Life Inspired Development. She guides local, state, and national stakeholders in building community-based supportive programming- focusing on diverse inclusion in behavioral health and wellness support services. As event panelist, keynote speaker, conference host and facilitator, subject matter and industry expert, Nyla brings forward the voice of relevant cultural experience which expands the bridge to recovery for women trapped in negative life cycles;

An active member of The National Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Nyla is a Founding Member of the Board of Directors of Center for African American Recovery Development, a Board Member of Southern Nevada’s Vegas Stronger Coalition, a Board Member of Painted Brain, and a Member the Nevada Certification Board’s Peer Advisory Committee. She is an Adjunct Faculty Member for Faces & Voices of Recovery, and a Facilitator for Sharing Hope- an impactful diversity initiative launched by the National Association on Mental Illness.

Serving her local community for over 14 years, Nyla served as Lead of City of Las Vegas’ Mayor’s Faith Initiative Addiction & Recovery Task Force as well as serving as Member of the Board of Directors for the P.A.C.T. Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (Prevention, Advocacy, Choices & Teamwork).

Nyla is powerful Inspirational Speaker creating a supportive and diverse lifebridge and support network for women trapped in negative cycles through coaching, training, education, stigma reduction, community cultural awareness, and social advocacy.