Board of Directors

Philander Moore


Philander E Moore, Sr, is a retired Texas Health and Human services employee of 27 years, where he served as the Unit Manager for the Substance Use Disorder section. He orchestrated the implementation of the Texas Recovery Initiative in (2010), and the first Recovery-oriented System of Care (ROSC) in Texas. He has a Masters of Arts and Human Services degree from St Edwards University in Austin, Texas and is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). Philander has expertise in SUD Recovery (Adult and Adolescent), SUD Treatment, Criminal Justice, and Community Integration and development. Currently work for the Center for Social Innovation with C4 will include providing Technical assistance on all assigned Recovery projects in Texas and other assigned States. He currently works as a Consultant for the Center for Social Innovations in Washington D.C. He serves on the Board of Communities for Recovery, and finally, in 2015 he was selected by Mark Sanders and William White as a member of the Museum of African American Additions, Treatment and Recovery, which identifies African Americans Who Have Made (and are Making) a Difference in Promoting Resistance to and Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.