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Tirza Holden

WPD04055 Tirza Holden

Tirza Holden, MBA is the Director of Information Technology at Faces and Voices of Recovery. A decade ago, she began working for an accreditation organization where she became aware of how important quality data was to quality care. Passionate about Data and Improved Outcomes in Healthcare, she focused her education and work efforts accomplishing the following:
•    Earned an MBA in Management Information Systems/Business Intelligence in Healthcare
•    Managed the System Sufficiency and Evaluation Department in a Regional Behavioral Health Authority
•    Co-chaired The Best Practices Implementation Committee for Pima County, Arizona and conducted research to evaluate overall impact to system of care
•    Led The System Sufficiency Committee and Contributed to Clinical Operations Planning bringing relevant data to decision makers while acting as liaison/trainer between clinical team, upper management and information systems

William Pollard’s belief that “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” has guided Tirza’s pursuit of new experiences and opportunities to learn, whether it be with new organizations, assigned duties, computer programs or recipes for the Instant Pot.

As an avid DIYer (electrician, plumber, HVAC installer, tile setter, carpenter and designer), Baker (yes, wedding cakes have been made and chocolate sculpted), Home Chef (has copied all her favorite restaurant meals at home) and Artist (runs in the family) creativity and attention to detail are strengths she uses in both her professional and personal life.