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Tyler Brandon

WPD03970 Tyler Brandon

Tyler Brandon found his journey to recovery through health and fitness back in 2014. He suffered an injury that led to progression in his SUD. After a few years of rehabilitation, and a recovery driven ideology, Tyler was able to heal. Through that injury, it led to a passion to learn the body in the healthiest way possible. As a LGBTQ+ member himself, he began coaching clients from underserved communities to assist in their fitness and recovery goals. Using fitness as their pathway to recovery.

He has been in recovery since 2020 and has spent time building his Faith, physical health, and connection to nature to aid in his recovery journey. He traveled to learn more in depth of other religions and cultures, to become enlightened with different recovery thought processes. Those journeys have vastly assisted Tyler to understand and connect with those dealing with similar struggles, which provided a phenomenal foundation to be a Training Program Assistant at Faces & Voices of Recovery. Tyler believes you can always strive to be a better version of yourself, no matter what struggles you must overcome.