Saving Jake: When Addiction Hits Home


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Twice now I’ve watched my son spiral down into skin and bones, hollow eyes, and an empty soul. Powerlessness is tearing apart my heart.

D’Anne Burwell’s smart, athletic son begins abusing OxyContin as a teenager, and within a year drops out of college, walks out of rehab, and lands homeless on the streets of Boulder. Struggling with fear, guilt, and a desperate need to protect her son, D’Anne also grapples with her husband’s anger and her daughter’s depression as the family disease of addiction impacts them all. She discovers the terrifying links between prescription-drug abuse and skyrocketing heroin use. And she comes to understand that to save her child she must step back and allow him to fight for his own soul. Saving Jake gives voice to the devastation shared by the families of addicts. Above all, it is a powerful personal story of love and redemption.


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