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Manual for Recovery Coaching and Personal Recovery Plan Development

The recovery coach program is an intensive, community-based case management program for people who have entered an addiction treatment program or have been screened for treatment, but have been placed on a waiting list. The program is designed as an integrated component of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. The primary purpose of the recovery coach program is to help individuals in addiction treatment gain access to needed resources, services, or supports that will help them achieve recovery from their substance use disorder (heretofore referred to as an SUD). Recovery coaches can help individuals address multiple domains in the their life that have been impacted by their SUD, but are difficult to address within the structure of most addiction treatment programs, such as returning to employment or finding stable housing. Recovery coaches can also help individuals transition through the continuum of addiction treatment (i.e., from detox to aftercare). Finally, recovery coaches can help individuals sustain their recovery after the formal addiction treatment component has been completed through consultation, skills training, and, of course, coaching.