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SAMHSA Strategic Plan FY2019-FY2023

SAMHSA Strategic Plan FY2019-FY2023

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Posted in: Advocacy & Public Policy

The SAMHSA Strategic Plan FY2019-FY2023 outlines five priority areas with goals and measurable objectives that provide a roadmap to carry out the vision and mission of SAMHSA over the next four years.

The five priority areas are:
1. Combating the Opioid Crisis through the Expansion of Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Services
2. Addressing Serious Mental Illness and Serious Emotional Disturbances
3. Advancing Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Services for Substance Use
4. Improving Data Collection, Analysis, Dissemination, and Program and Policy Evaluation
5. Strengthening Health Practitioner Training and Education