Recovery Stories

Gloria U.

I was lost in my substance use disorder for many years. I did not see a way out. In my heart, I knew I was slowly dying, but did not have the power to stop the progression. I was working a full time job, thinking that no one noticed how emanciated I had become. That changed one day when my boss did an intervention and suggested treatment. I felt relief that someone challenged my denial as well as fearful of the unknown future. I am forever grateful for his kindness and understanding to help me get into treatment. I truly believe I would not be here today had it not been for his willingness to help instead of casting me aside.

My life in recovery has been a beautiful adventure of self-discovery and adventure. I still take my recovery as serious today as I did that first day I made the choice to surrender to a Higher Wisdom. There are so many blessings I am grateful for. Even life’s challenges are valuable learning experiences to me now. I created this photo to represent my journey. Just as a lotus flower blooms from the muck, so have I come to life from those things that held me down.

I am sharing my story to encourage other employers to stop the cycle of stigma and know that one kind act can save a person’s life. I am living proof of that.