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When it comes to improving skills and taking your peer recovery work or organization to a new level, there’s really no substitute for a live training event. By interacting with a roomful of peers onsite or online, asking questions of subject matter experts, and examining real-life applications of the information helps to cement the new knowledge you’re covering.

The National Recovery Institute offers competency and strength-based professional development and leadership training specific to our field.   Our experienced trainers offer training accessible to all learning styles through a combination of information sharing, dialogue, and experiential activities.  Through a consultative process, we will build an onsite or online training program specific to your needs.


If your organization has a specific training need that is not on our current menu, we would be honored to design a curriculum for you.

Would you like to request training?

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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice is the act of bringing together a group of people who share a craft or a profession. These communities evolve in an organic way because of the common interest in a particular domain or area.  It is the true participatory process of sharing information and experiences with the group, so group members learn from each other.

The National Recovery Institute is committed to enhancing collaboration and expanding our reach by enabling organizations from various geographies to collaborate on problem-solving challenges in real-time.  Communities of Practices are also an avenue to connect with subject matter experts regardless of where they are located.

If you are interested in setting up a Community of Practice with a specific topic please email us at