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Welcome to Faces & Voices of Recovery. We are all of you. We know recovery is possible. 

And through our collective experience, Faces & Voices of Recovery moves recovery support services forward in your community, your state, and across the country. Join us in our recovery advocacy. Together, we'll share all we know.

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$350 Million

Recovery Support Funding




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Together, we are a powerful ally.

Faces & Voices of Recovery is a vast resource in the quest to advance peer support services and recovery efforts everywhere, free from injustice and discrimination. Together, we significantly impact how recovery wellness efforts are understood, organized, funded, and shared.


Together, we are an effective advocate.

We've lived it. Now, as a community working together, we share recovery support services at every level.

And when community support for recovery is advanced, all kinds of good things happen:

  • Healthier economies
  • Safer communities
  • Better healthcare
  • Enlightened law enforcement
  • Active local governments
  • Reduced incarcerations
  • Mended families

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Informing and Empowering the Recovery Collective

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