Faces & Voices Update – April 2021

April 2021 
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Federal Policy &
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CARA 3.0

Senators PortmanWhitehouse, and Klobuchar unveiled their “CARA 3.0” legislation at the end of March, which will be the retiring Portman’s last attempt to bolster his landmark legislation from 2016, the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act. The bill addresses several aspects of SUD policy, including prevention, treatment, recovery, and the criminal justice system.

Faces & Voices celebrates this commitment to building recovery infrastructure, but looks forward to additional work on the language of the bill.  In alignment with Faces & Voices legislative priorities, we have requested specific content regarding set-asides for the Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) communities. We believe this inclusion would represent a commitment to equity in recovery resources.

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The National Recovery Institute offers competency and strength-based professional development and leadership training specific to the recovery field.

Technical Assistance – TA
TA is another term for consultation or at its most simple help.

The National Recovery Institute offers a three-tiered approach to technical assistance to assure the organization requesting have their needs met.   Our main goals are to prepare tools to help improve the quality-of-service delivery and to provide organizations the support they need to improve processes and best practices.

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The Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS) at Faces & Voices of Recovery works to identify and support excellence in the delivery of peer recovery support services and other activities by recovery community organizations (RCOs).

On April 14, 2021 Faces & Voices hosted a webinar on Peer Leadership, led by Dillon West, Executive Director and Dorothy West, Program Director, from the Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources, a CAPRSS Accredited Organization.

More about CAPRSS Here!
The Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) at Faces & Voices of Recovery unites and supports the growing network of local, regional and statewide recovery community organizations (RCOs).

During the Month of March, ARCO welcomed back renewing members and welcomed 1 new member. This brings the total of renewing members from quarter one to 83 new and renewing members and 143 ARCO members total!

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The Recovery Data Platform (RDP) is a cloud-based software solution developed and managed by Faces & Voices of Recovery. RDP aids RCOs and Peer Service Providers with the tools and assessments needed to effectively implement, document, and evaluate peer recovery coaching programs.

RDP has launched new assessments, which makes it easier to report data. Expect to see the new assessments button on the Questionnaire tab in RDP next month.

This update is available to all RDP users with the Enhanced layout assigned to their assigned program. Custom forms will still be available in the original format.

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