We’ve hired some of the best in our field to conduct research on those we serve to bring this educational material to you.

We’ve also scoured the web for other resources that may help you in understanding the magnitude of our cause that affects thousands each year.

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RCO Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

The RCO Emergency Preparedness Toolkit handouts are a collection of materials that have been provided by multiple resources and compiled in order to be easily accessible for the public needs. Faces & Voices has collated these resources to guide RCOs and other agencies in their Emergency Preparedness planning.

Recovery Stories

Read the personal stories of people recovering from substance use disorders and share your story. Spread the word and inform others to share their stories.

Mutual Aid

This one-stop resource will help you find out about the growing number and scope of volunteer recovery mutual aid groups.

COVID-19 Resources

People in recovery have overcome much adversity so in many ways they are uniquely prepared mentally and emotionally to cope with the difficulties they are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Publications

View or download publications, infographics, and other resources found to help support our network.

Our Webinars

Access past webinars, trainings, and presentations led by subject matter experts and leaders in the field.

Add A Resource

Do you have a recovery resource to add? Please read over our guidelines below to ensure it meets our criteria.

Please do not ask us to post a link to your website if it is not a mutual aid group. We do not post links to other organizations. Other organizations includes treatment agencies or "informational" websites about substance use or use related issues.