Our Staff

The staff at Faces & Voices of Recovery are based in regions across the nation including: Arizona, Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont. Our Board members are located in: California, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. Coming from all walks of life and pathways of recovery, collectively we represent the demographically and geographically diverse recovery community. Contact us to have our staff work with you on recovery activities in your state.

Our Executives

Patty McCarthy

Philip Rutherford

Our Directors

Joseph Hogan-Sanchez

Tirza Holden

Tamika Carter-Hargrove

Tony Sanchez

Our Managers

Keegan Wicks

Emily Porcelli

Marianna Horowitz

Melissa Fleck

Our Coordinators & Assistants

Nelson Spence

Javier Baltazar

Chelsey Cusimano

Jonathan Picard

Hannah Lowry

Kiara Booker

Nicholas McCardle

Chris Aram

Ellen Duffey

Liam Lipham

Krissi Jacob

Stephon Ingram